Hair follicle drug tests.With many changes and new options in drug test by hair for employers, you may need to consider using one of our drug cleansing shampoos. While many employers are more prone to use a urine drug test, others are more apt to do a hair follicle test if they can afford it because it can give them a longer history of drug use in some cases. Not to worry. Just as with urine drug tests or blood drug tests, you have a safe and private method for detoxing your hair so insert your sigh of relief here! While you work through a detox from THC or other toxins, a shampoo for a drug test by hair is probably a smart choice. When drugs are taken, small deposits attach themselves to the follicles in your hair. As your hair grows, the deposits remain, which is what they are looking for in a drug test by hair. The hair cleansing products we bring you on will dissolve toxins with a one-hour treatment that tingles when it starts working. Your hair will be completely cleansed of toxins and ready for a hair follicle test when the treatment is completed. The cleanser itself is also untraceable because it does not leave any deposits behind.

Pass your hair drug test with ease:

Months and years of residue from drugs are annihilated from your follicles with our cleansing shampoo to ready you for a hair follicle test. Use our hair cleansing shampoos to address any hair length, thickness and level of toxins so you won't rush to perm, cut or destroy your hairstyle. You will see that the investment you make is truly worth it whether you have yet to detox from THC or any other drug toxin.

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Two Steps A'Head - Shampoo and Conditioner
Backed by 100% manufacturers money back guarantee.

After searching and test we have found the best hair detox program for removing any and all unwanted toxins from your hair for a drug test by hair. 2 Steps A'head is an easy-to-use, two-part process that will eliminate all of the built up toxins that have been accumulating in your hair. This product is backed up with a manufacturer guarantee so you know that your hair is clean and free from toxins and pollutants. Great for those who have yet to completely detox from THC or other drug toxins.